Attack of the evil puffballs…?

Really! I don’t dream this much. Maybe it has to do with my messed-up (lack of) sleep schedule lately. Anyway…

The part I remember was of entering an ordinary living room (no living room I recognized) containing, among various other usual living-room furniture, an old B/W console TV set with the big clicky channel-changer knobs and rounded-edges CRT. There was some kind of Twilight Zone-ish show on, and it seemed as though there was a hole in the bottom of the TV, because the stuff on the screen was also spilling out from beneath the set:

A bunch of cute-ish little creaturey things spilled out from under the TV; they kind of resembled those big glass-jar scented candles, except squishy, some furry, and with big googly eyes on them, playing with each other and making cute little sounds. And, following the premise of the show playing, a big plump trollish hand also appeared from underneath the set, and began poking the little creatures to death.

“…but little was it known that THEY were in fact evil incarnate…”

(…so I guess the troll-hand was heroic in a morbid kind of way, doing the poking that no one else would. Never did find out what kind of unspeakable evil came from the little puffballs, though.)

Another segment (presumably) of the show followed, causing a small radio-control helicopter to appear on top of the set. Or more specifically, a water bottle in the shape of a helicopter, with working rotors. It started up and flew to the sink where it (somehow) filled itself, then (after a bit of a rough start, since it was now heavy and full of water) began lazily, maybe boredly, flying around the room. Until it caught sight of the family cat. With a strong vibe of “Aha! Now I know what my mission is!” it began following/chasing the cat around the house, repeatedly annoying it with a bright camera flash.

QOTD: Stone wheels, n. : stupid round things possessed by ignorant rednecks who spin them endlessly in a feeble attempt to grind useless metallic crapola, ie. car parts, springs, precision military tech etc… -H.A.L.


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