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Heh…I can hardly even concentrate on work right now, thinking about going *sproing* out of here at 5:00:00’00” for the roadtrip to Chicagoland. With car stereo hacked for iPod/iRiver/Nomad input (Pioneer…add-on market protection by “funny plug” method) and the TrashAmp finally finished (ok…functional, but not pretty) at about 3am today, turning my trunk into an in-car butt massage parlor. Mmmm, driving music…mmm, bass…

The lake is cool, the pool is warm and the hot tub is hot. My folks and family are nuts, but that’s the way I like ’em. Crystal-clear snorkeling, fish that come right up and look at you curiously, fire, BBQ, meat on a stick, Smores. Illegal Indiana fireworks. Woods to roam around in and wild berries to snack upon. Possibly some good loud music outside at the pool, with no neighbors for 1/4 mile in any direction. It’s going to be good.

For everyone who couldn’t come but wanted to (all one of you ;-) ), we’ll be sure to take many pictures and provide plenty of blogumentation…and promise to drag you out here one of these days!


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