Can’t sleep….clown will eat me….

So I’m hacking on some stuff….actually re-hacking someone else’s much more elegant stuff into a form my archaic copy of Borland CPPB4 will tolerate. “‘FILE’ cannot start a parameter declaration” … hmm… it can in MSVC, apparently. I made the mistake of drinking a 20oz mtn dew at about midnight…there seems to be a strong positive correlation between hanging around No* and staying up way too late, after drinking too much caffeinated stuff. You’re a bad influence :-) Then again, there’s also this strong positive between that latenight caffeinated state and projecty stuff getting done, so maybe I should say a good influence.

I’ve heard this state referred to by an expression similar to “that something-something 2am state that gets you inside the compiler” by an even bigger dweeb than me. That rare-ish balance between overbranching brainlock and blissful clearheaded statelessness, where brain noise collapses from some quasi-deterministic patternful thing to pure fuzz. (I’ll explain later… maybe….depending whether work-people are reading this thing, heh)

I was going to try pathetically to document “building of an impromptu furball containment device”, but it looks like that’s already been done. 1 picture = 3e+08 words, so (clicky). That turned out even better than I thought it would.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That stuff kills your immune system if you drink it before 6:00 p.m.

    …or was that red bull.

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