Chicago (waiting (failstating (masturbating in the grating (there was fuck-all else to do))))

One of the primary objectives in making a random trip back to my hometown was to get laid (lets just say I have a very satisfied customer in the area, and a friend who seems to want to become one), but that didn’t happen. Actually, a lot of the time was spent bumming rides (my car was still in Boston, of course), calling old friends who didn’t tend to respond in a timely manner, and generally getting spinlocked by logistics.

Not bad overall though. Safely away from der computermachine, I got a lot of reading done. And spent some quality time at the cabin (I love this place!!), getting back to some form of nature, going fishin’ with the old man, and trying to get myself lost in the woods. Heh, and getting asked by my mom if I have ever done drugs. (Well technically, I did find myself ordering White Castle at 3am…) And got together what’s left of the LT photo club (…all three of us…) for a few hours.

While at the cabin, this guy landed some form of ultralight experimental aircraft ON THE LAKE. Granted it’s a long skinny lake, but I can throw a rock across and hit land on the other side, pretty much. (Check out the link above, this thing is incredible.) I want one!


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