A plan, a LAN, a pizza in a pan

Went to JR’s place Saturday for a geeky get together. Met some new interesting people (anyone who does Duct Tape art can’t be bad), and got in touch with some I haven’t seen recently. We made pizza from scratch, which turned out to be Damn Good, and way earlier on, an attempt at the world famous (WHERE world=’my house’) 2-minute chili cheese dip. And there was much DDR, and some Katamari, and even Karaoke Revolution (the sweating of bullets and the trying not to break any windows) (and no matter what an FFT says, reproducing the fundamental and carrying a tune are two entirely different things!). True to form, this LAN party had everything except the lan :-) JR and I did some gaming eventually, UT2004 fragfest til about 4 in the morning. (The Lag King lives! [But mostly dies].)

(And we now have a new drink concoction, the Downward Spiral:

1 cup Mountain Dew
~ 6 glugs Midori
~ 4 glugs rum
(optional) a few cubes of watermelon

Mix to taste and try to ignore how radioactive it looks)


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