pop, pop, pop, like x86 popcorn

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Last night I got the LCD working, with essentially zero memory requirements (okay, 80 colums * 25-ish lines = 2000 bytes…even a PIC has that much) …whee, realtime character generator in software. Stick-On-Fridge Server Monitor, here we go :-)

Also mostly-built the ghetto-blastification boxsubwoofer enclosure I mentioned in…well, the early days of this blogg, anyway, and never got around to. Now to stealgently borrow tools from work and finish it.

And we have….wireless transceivers at 2.4GHz…soon.


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  1. Steve Perry says:

    Tim: I saw your blog entry on the Seiko Epson ECM-A0526 $11 LCD from allelectronics, and it was more informative than anything else I’ve found on the web on that display. But in searching your blog as a whole, couldn’t find it, so I’m leaving a comment on this blog entry, hoping you’ll see it…

    I too bought one of those $11 LCDs, and have a question about the terminal hookups: where are they?!?

    I’m new at this, so there’s something really obvious that I’m just seeing, but when I turn the LCD over, it just looks like a mystery. And there doesn’t seem to be any kind of nice 20-pin interface female like is indicated in the (sparse, very sparse) technical sheet I got with the display from allelectronics. I would have expected to see such a female pin on the side of the display, but it’s all metal. What gives?!?

    I would appreciate any help you can offer. You got it working, so clearly you are god-like in this space. Help me, man! Please! Thanks.


  2. Jim Steichen says:

    @ Steve Perry:
    The connector for the panel is J10; flat ribbon Digikey Part # HF20U-08-ND is what you need.

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