Ouching^999, self-defenestration, and things not to say to a nurse

I went down about 11-something tonight to pick up a friend from the emergency room. Anyway, it turns out that if you’re a patient, and say something about being in so much pain you wanna jump out the window, even if you don’t mean it, you’re not leaving anytime soon.

Out at 4-ish with a very tired, painful dizzy wobbly kitten, after the obligatory we-get-our-asses-sued-enough-thankyouvery much psychiatric exam.

I thought I had heard the phrase “24-hour pharmacy” only about a million times back home (and that was in the ‘burbs), so surely a big city like Boston would have to have one, right? …Nnnnnnnegatory. So up at again at 8-something to get the prescription filled. And pull the parking ticket off my windshield. park in parking overnight for $12.00 at at 100% odds of getting charged, or on the street at $25/ticket with a guesstimated 33% chance of getting caught. It was a calculated risk… I staggered into work at about 10:30, but they didn’t say anything. EEs there are hot shit right about now.


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