BBQ’ing and business ventures

Ran on (okay, walked) over to G*’s house tonight, to cook a little food and run some trains. And talk the usual, semi-BS talk of side business and company-starting that seems to have been going around lately. Like geek-grade hardware that’s fun to play with, fun to design and fun to build. Things that people will actually use and enjoy. Not that there’s anything wrong with the stuff I’m doing now, but it does feel a little unsatisfying to come up with whizbang technology of which only a prototype will ever be built, that will only get used once (namely, to test, prove that it works and write a report about it), then put on a display shelf out front, never to be picked up or used again. So we shared some visions around…self organizing smart house transmitter-things, wireless low cost stick-anywhere terminals, hybrid digital/analog networking over railroad tracks, the end of stinky links, various little gadgets.

“Where’s the University of Michigan?” -JP
“Michigan.” – JP’s speakerphone


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