I and a bunch of people descended upon No*’s house, and she made udon. This is surprisingly simple, surprisingly good stuff – noodles, broth, and seaweed. Afterward, we all went out for coffee and chatted at Diesel amid the Powerbook-wielding goatees (or is that goatee-wielding powerbooks?). There was some mention of ‘sentient genitals’ (heh, Ba*). Then a few of us (J.R., No*, me) tried to cram into a phonebooth picturey thing (TODO: Mentally unlink ‘photo booth’ and ‘phone booth’) for a group photo. I think we could have crammed 5-6 people in there if we tried, but the in-frame area is only about 2.5 (oww, my face! haha). Kind of our 0th approximation of that photobook thing I can’t remember the name of, but it’s big in Japan.

(The vintage fire extinguisher, also shot at Diesel, reads: "TO PLAY ON FIRE, TURN BOTTOM UP")


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