Come Too Soon

Went out tonight cruisin’ for a rip-roaring LAN party. J.R. and I picked up some burritos and struck out for a mini gaming get-together with some Amazon Basin people. I only drove in circles a few times :-) (“But it’s off 2A, which is this way…” “But I know you can get there going this way…” “Shh, this technically isn’t a U-turn, because I touch this guy’s parking lot. *scree*”) Saw a pair of pencilnecked Tuff Guys revving and exchanging Tuff Guy Words from behind 2 tons of glass and steel (resisted the urge to follow and take down plates; replicating their driving to do so would have gotten us killed), and eventually found the house where everyone was meeting up. Humped a jillion (or approximately 20) pounds of computer gear up the steps, rang the doorbell, and…. nobody home. A little calling around and the discovery hits that this shindig starts tomorrow! Whoops. Anyway, the owners of the house were out to dinner but on their way back shortly, so we scarfed the burritos acquired earlier, came inside and hung out for a while. Saw the Most Pointless English Homework Ever, from the online university program the guy we were hanging with was in. (It consisted of being presented with two nearly identical copies of the same sentence, except for one of them containing an egregious punctuation error, and a checkbox selection for which was the correct one.) I tried playing some HL2 on the Lap And a Half, but only got an uncomfortably warm lap for my troubles.

(scarfing Anna’s at lunch)
“How can you guys eat those things?” – MP
“Are you kidding? This is an orgasm wrapped in a flour tortilla.” – TG
“Then you’re doing it wrong.” – MH

“…lines that do (moving hand back and forth) rotary actuation, and
lines that do (spinning hand in a circle) linear actuation…
(cellphone rings, and he answers it)… ‘Motion Man…’ ” – Boston
area’s own independent motion-control sales dude,
wasting my time in a meeting. (At this phone greeting, there was a
mild rushing sound in the boardroom as hands rose up and smacked onto
faces to stifle giggling…)


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