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Wheel[s] Work[.s] (the old ones didn’t)

Putting a new bicycle through its paces with my bike dr. / consultant :-)

QOTD: “You look, like, fifty years old!” -L*, commenting on facial fur growth

Arc*: Go on, ask me how many badges I’ve made.
me: they can have my dot matrix when they pry it from my cold dead hands
me: <<-- knows better than to dive headfirst into a loaded question me: is it a "counting number" or an integer? Arc*: Hint: you can express it in binary me: you can express any number in binary :P Arc*: with one character me: oh

Altera training

This is mostly just here for datestamp, since about 0 people I know are interested in this sort of thing :-) Was at a set of training courses yesterday and today…paid time off work, learning stuff, and free food. And now I know (indeed, even more than I wanted to) about the architecture of Cyclone II devices.

QOTD: “I don’t know how many PCs are out there, but it’s a shitload.” – Altera guy

CVS Pharmacy $29 camcorders hacked

Yes, indeedy. Get thee to CVS Pharmacy, find the rack of PureDigital “one-time use” camcorders, and let the kite-cams, model-rocket-cams, rough-n-tumble helmet cams, and the hordes of poorly-composed ameteur porn movies begin!

Er… I mean, scroll down to the bottom section of these forums to read the FAQ (how to attach a USB cable, or substitute a Palm cable) and download the Windows video-downloading tool, called Ops.

In what’s becoming a sort of wierd tradition among the cam hacking folk, I present my shaky footage of the dragon which guards my desk at work.

<nerdstuff> To keep this hardware safe from the likes of us, its manufacturer implemented a challenge/response system in which the host must request a 128-byte challenge key from the cam, then respond with the correct 128-byte unlock key. However, due to a bug in the firmware that “almost could not, possibly, have been an accident”, after reading out the 128 bytes of the challenge, if you just keep on reading it will send you the corresponding unlock key, which is stored directly after the challenge key in memory. Now that this has been published a few places, they’ll probably fix this little bug soon, so get ’em while they’re hot and easily unlocked.</nerdstuff>

Oh, and forget Slashdot, you heard it here first :-)

One more project off The List for now….maybe I’ll start writing real entries in here again now.