Crap, I forgot about that.

(But if I’m not directly observing / being observed by them, Chicago-people cease to exist. Right?)

[22:31] Me: um….I’m hoping people have gotten to that stage in their lives where they realize it’s OK to have female friends that you aren’t banging
[22:32] F*: yeah, but you know how ppl are
[22:33] Me: yeah
[22:33] Me: my old man especially
[22:33] Me: I guess this will have to be a learning experience for him :-/
[22:33] Me: (and if not….I guess I could always tell him I’m gay)
[22:34] F*: oh man, thats something I wouldnt tell your dad

QOTD (Monday):
“…did you see that girl on the corner? Oh, she was this tubby girl…but had these cutoff shorts that came up to *here*…” -JK
“…ew…” – me
“…and this way-too-small shirt that was cut like *this*… and it said ‘HOT AND…’ *something* on it, but I couldn’t see what the *something* was, because it was hidden inside a fat roll.” -JK






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