Month: June 2014

  • How to Fragment Your File System

    Here is a tiny little python script to generate file system fragmentation. “But Tiiiiiiim! Tools are supposed to defragment your filesystem! Why would you ever want a script to fragment one?” In one of the gadgets I’m working on, I had a need to evaluate disk (well, memory card) performance in real-world and worst-case scenarios.…

  • Notes To Myself: ‘Paste Plain Text’ keyboard shortcut/macro for Excel

    Very common need: Copy some data into an Excel cell from an arbitrary other source (including another Excel sheet, or webpage, etc.). In the process, strip any external formatting, HTML tables, etc. with extreme vengeance and only paste the plain text. Traditional way: Mouse fandango (Excel 2013: Home -> Paste -> Paste Special…->Text->OK) for every…

  • Notes To Myself: J-Link SWOViewer with Silabs/EnergyMicro EFM32 CPUs

    The EFM32 SWO port operates from a 14MHz timebase regardless of the current CPU frequency. Autodetection of actual frequency is feasible, but irrelevant. Manually specify 14MHz for “CPUFreq” in SWO Viewer. The corresponding calculated SWOFreq should be 900KHz. Tested and working as of SWOViewer version 4.84f.