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No, she cannot has cheezburger. Laser pointer, yes!

We got a kitty last weekend. Like many new additions of the human kind, we hadn’t really planned on it*, but now we are in love with her. Her name is Spirit (she comes pre-named).

She had no trouble settling into the new house, except for spooking out at the noise from the radiators at first. She’s such a little attention whore – follows the hyoominz all around, and if we are on the couch, sits down next to someone and headbutts them ’til she gets belleh rubs.

So far she has also discovered that Christmas tree ornaments swing and make a tinkling noise when swatted at, knitting needles move and click while in use, and must therefore be attacked, and – OMG WIIMOTE CURSOR!

*Somewhere between “rescue mission” and “interstate feline trafficking” does the truth lie.