Month: August 2005

  • Wheel[s] Work[.s] (the old ones didn’t)

    Putting a new bicycle through its paces with my bike dr. / consultant :-) QOTD: “You look, like, fifty years old!” -L*, commenting on facial fur growth Arc*: Go on, ask me how many badges I’ve made. me: they can have my dot matrix when they pry it from my cold dead hands me:

  • Altera training

    This is mostly just here for datestamp, since about 0 people I know are interested in this sort of thing :-) Was at a set of training courses yesterday and today…paid time off work, learning stuff, and free food. And now I know (indeed, even more than I wanted to) about the architecture of Cyclone…

  • CVS Pharmacy $29 camcorders hacked

    Yes, indeedy. Get thee to CVS Pharmacy, find the rack of PureDigital “one-time use” camcorders, and let the kite-cams, model-rocket-cams, rough-n-tumble helmet cams, and the hordes of poorly-composed ameteur porn movies begin! Er… I mean, scroll down to the bottom section of these forums to read the FAQ (how to attach a USB cable, or…