Hand-cranked locomotive parking brake
Engine cab controls
Engine cab
I always wondered about that...
Brake beam and shoe
Brake shoe
Touchscreens in the ACT now control most of the more dangerous operations, e.g. related to coupling and uncoupling cars.
Backup camera ("rearview mirror") and biometric authentication system
Antennae (cellular?) - Train uplinks to a cell network to report bearing temperatures and other data
Reverse camera. But the main component to enhance safety, an "Always be careful" sticker...
This looks like one of my company's prototypes, but it isn't... (no duct tape!)
Cable Ties: Even the big boys use 'em.
The rail yard where the exhibit was held
Jargon Fail
This generates a few horsepower.
Chicago River
Batman? James Bond? ...bah, window washers
Cicero has some involved graffiti. This building is almost entirely camouflaged...
"You've been down there Neo, you know that road, you know exactly where it ends."
The Navy Pier sign + forgetting the camera is still taking pictures. It looked cool, so I kept it.
Sitting down with Bob Newhart (night, but doesn't look like it due to 15-second exposure)
Cheezborger... i can has?
Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline
I knew the city was full of drug pushers, but I've never seen one in a ren fair costume before. (Read about Ciprodex)
At the FRA's Advanced Concept Train booth with brake force monitor demo
The demo (assembled the day of leaving...) worked perfectly. A company first :-)
ACT booth
Streetside chess
Pond at the Art Institute
Spitting fountains at Millenium Park
I don't trust that grin, do you?
The Bean! (err, Cloud Gate)
Mayor Daley bulldozed an airport at 3am for this (although it does look badass)
Self-inflicted camera wound
King Lear
Yeah, right...
The REAL reason to come to Chicago
Brake force measurement system demo, written in Processing. (No, the FEA is not realtime...generated overnight and pre-cached.)
Our sexy poster
Me with the sexy poster
It just wouldn't be a work trip without one of these.

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