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The webcam (showing the local user to himself, not the remote user) was a last-minute addition, but accidentally symbolic.
Landscapes For Portable Media Players - ecoarttech.net hosts the collection of video landscape scenes for display on a portable media player.
As we move, the rubber bands stretch back and forth creating a tension that is only released when one of the bands snap, representing the way that we constantly try to connect and reconnect to one another.
A trickle of blood from the snapping of the rubber band.
A box will sit with headphones attached for the individual to listen. Knobs on the box allow the participant to control the sound waves resonating from the box.
Situated in a box located where the box is unobtrusive with a single channel video broadcasting live feed to a remote TV.
A bulletin posted on Myspace that summarized our culture and the InterWEB
Sound generation box internals
Rez with the homemade vibrator
Nearly sorted...
Drmn' 1
Rubber band tug of war
Tweaking the sound boxes
Mechanical Turk sorting algorithm running on target platform
Drmn 2
Fear of Touch 1
Fear of Touch 2
Sorting 2

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