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Testing the Drmn' demo app before the show
Space overview
Vibrator lappy setup
Getting a buzz from the remote user
"The Internet" - A collage of penises traced from Craigslist personal ad postings
Maria will seek phone numbers, be verbally unavailable and get back to you later.
An audio exploration of motherhood, mental illness and technology's place in cementing the mother-daughter bond.
Two ladies chatting...
Video pods with colored cubes and cube-mounted video cameras. The images are superimposed on a common screen, allowing simulated contact between the non-contacting users.
Virtual makeout session
Someone looking way too happy
Human sorting automation
Illusorily precarious Mac
Passionate email exchange of two long-distance lovers, pseudonymously released here for the first time.
How are we happy? An official diagram overlaid with a second, blank plastic sheet allows viewers to make their own semi-permanent annotations.
The notion of food, community and the power of what it means to eat locally. A viewer selects a combination of locally-grown foods; a color code tallies the combinations chosen.
Vibe fun

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