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Making-Of video, pt. 1. (broken?)
Making Of video, pt2.
Partly-frozen ice cream slush
Fresh LN added
Closeup on the slush
Blurry :(
The finished product
Tim likes his whipped cream
Those who stuck around - Jane behind camera
Supid Grins version :) - Jane behind camera
Viewfinder is on the *other* side...
Those who stuck around - GoGo behind camera
Cryogenic Peep Shattering video
I walk this lonely street, on a boulevard of broken Peeps
Batch #2, adult ice cream. Bailey's & Cream
"Hey Mikey, I think she likes it!"
Frozen fruit in a boiling ladle
Shaking around cryogenic fruit video
Attempting to shatter a strawberry video
Bunch of broken stuff!

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