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Garden stuff!

So, we’ve been tearing weeds (once in a while) out of this garden for a while now, but few people have actually seen it. So here it is!

[Our Garden]

It’s in a great spot since directly behind our house is a ballfield, which means a) plenty of light (no tall houses behind it blocking the sun) and b) gardening at night / after work! (they keep the field lit ’til 11pm, keeping the yard lit enough to do some stuff).

Not pictured (either not ready, already harvested or too small / weed-covered to see): Snap peas, radishes, onions, spinach, oxheart carrots, green beans, honeydew and heirloom melons, pumpkin. A full list (actually, garden map in 1ft increments (boy are we formal (or just nerds))) is published here.

Also, recipe (apparatus and method) for one

kickass omlette:

4 Eggs
Salt (1/4tbsp)
Pepper (to taste)
Water (“a splash”…about 1-2 full shot glasses worth, or quick run of the faucet…exact amounts not critical)
Bacon (1/4lb)
Other pork (ham or canadian bacon) to taste
1 small yellow squash and/or zucchini, (peppers would probably be good too)
Monterey Jack and/or Mexican-style cheese blend (enough to entirely cover the eggs)
2-3 slices Velveeta / American cheese (the stuff that comes in prepackaged slices and looks like plastic)
1 Scallion
5-8 fresh cherry tomatoes
2-3 large fresh basil leaves
1/2tbsp minced garlic

1 *large* pan, 3 bowls, 1 cutting board.

Warm up the ham on a large pan (it’s already cooked, so no need to go overboard here – just get it toasty warm). Drop it on a cutting board and start the bacon cooking on medium heat. While it cooks make sure the cheese is out so it can warm up, and prepare the remaining ingredients into 2 bowls (one for the squash/vegetables, one for everything else) : Cut the squash into small cubes and drop it into the first bowl. Slice up the remaining non-cheese ingredients (ham, scallions, tomatoes, basil), add the garlic, mix it all together into the 2nd bowl. Now the cutting board is free and the bacon is about done; extract the bacon (leave the drippings in the pan) to the cutting board, drain off most of the drippings into Bowl #3, and swap the contents of Bowl #1 (squashes) into the pan. Salt and pepper them to taste, and stir/flip (depending on your level of coordination) occasionally until they’ve softened up and start to brown. While these cook, slice/crumble the bacon into Bowl #2 and crack the eggs into Bowl #1 (now empty), add the water and 1/4tbsp salt (again, exact amounts not critical) to the eggs and scramble. When the squashes are done, add them to Bowl #2 (remix if necessary), re-add a bit of bacon drippings to the pan if it seems too dry, lower the heat to maybe 30% and pour in the eggs. Let these solidify slowly – if one section is cooking faster than another you can redistribute them, but don’t agitate them too much or it’ll break apart too easily. (Or if you’re the coordinated type who flipped the squash, flip the egg mass over.) Once the top surface of the eggs is nearly cooked (solidifying), sprinkle a healthy layer of cheese directly on top of the eggs and drop the American cheese slices on top of that, and cover. Once the cheese is mostly melted, kill the heat. As soon as the cheese is fully melted, dump the entire contents of Bowl #2 on one side, fold the other side over it and serve.