Not Dead

Really! Just busy with some real-life stuff, namely wedding related and home renovations. I haven’t forgotten about this pick & place stuff! Lately I’ve been spending most of my project time on getting Mosquino toward an official 1.0 release. The rev2 boards just came in, so once all the parts are in I should have one ready to test soon. Here they are!

As usual, click for fullsize. Clockwise from the bottom-left are a bistable display shield, microSD shield, low power boost board (as low as 0.6V to 3.3V), Peltier shield (thermal to electricity, ~20mV to 4.1V), vibration energy harvesting shield, a stackable LiPol / thinfilm battery power shield, and of course the Mosquino mainboard itself. You may have seen early versions of some of these on the Mosquino page already, but these implement bug fixes and the latest/finalized Mosquino pinout. Can’t wait to get playing with these!

(And no, purple is not the official / final color – The PCBs were made via Laen’s sweet batch PCB service; he likes to experiment with the colors from time to time. It’s not a ripoff of Lilypad…although the Peltier board can potentially harvest from typical bodyheat gradients (>=2degC), which is an interesting development for wearable computing projects to say the least!)

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  1. JRS says:


    Your design is still astonishing to my eyes and understanding.
    I finished building my third Mosquino and I am now switch to its energy harvesting shields.
    I a mstuck on the choice of the C1 capacitor of the Peltier shield : what value and packaging are suited ?
    I would greatly appreciate any hints from you. Thanks in advance.

    Once more, congratulations !

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