Calling It

Beep…Beep…Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. Time of death, 5:23pm. Officially declaring No* a write-off after flaking out on plans for the 3e+08th time without explanation. (“Friends don’t leave friends hanging consistently.”) My big decision now is whether I should just drop it cleanly, or failness it explicitly. Time to kill the cat and let this indeterminate state collapse into something defined, regardless of the definition? (When something fails, I’d rather it fail spectacularly and catastrophically–in other words, definitively. Few things are so bothersome to me as something that is “half broken”.)

QOTD: “If you’re putting out a solicitation for a better sealing system, why would you give it an acronym that sounds like a leak?” – MH, reading a solicitation for a Bulkhead Shaft Seal System – BSSS


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