Ya call that a house?

Design by committee, I love it. Saw this on the ol’ Slashdot today, Dilbert’s Ultimate House. The premise is, “What do you get when thousands of Dilbert readers put their minds together and design a house?” It’s not bad or anything (hey, I’d live in it!), and certainly interesting, but on the other hand…

1) The house has three, count ’em, three gardens located UNDERGROUND. I’d be curious to know what exactly he’s growing down there.
2) The laundry room is located directly adjacent to the master bedroom. I can’t be sure, but the washer/dryer could even be sharing a wall with it. (Man, the shit I would have caught from my old landlord if I were to start up a load of wash late at night…)
3) Similarly, the “Quiet Room” shares walls with the main entrance, kitchen and gym, and shares a floor with the playroom and possibly the basketball court(!). Hope Dilbert’s company has a soundproofing division :-)
4) Her Master Bath is only accessible from inside by walking through His Master Bath (uggh), or through the closet. (I guess this could be a Good Thing, as it might keep Her Master Collection of Shoes off the closet floor if she’s got to trip over them all the time.)
5) From one angle of the virtual walkthrough, it appears that the windows of the Dilbert Observatory face toward a stone wall. I’m sure you can still see a lot of stuff, but a lot of stone wall as well. Actually, a good geek-grade observatory would be detached from the house so as not to transmit all the vibration from the house and its equipment/occupants…or at the very least, not so close to the basketball court.
6) The cat’s room: Should the lip of the kitty litter box really overhang the food bowl like that? (OTOH, maybe it’s just MY cat that somehow manages to spread litter granules in a 3′ radius around the box)

QOTD: “Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you won’t either.” – Source unknown


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