Anyway, as the days grow visibly shorter and that general blahness sets in, I’m sort of absentmindedly examining the entrails of my last relationship. (Ha, that even predates this bloggg. Wow, that’s been a while.) It’s all there. The external disturbances. The oscillatory impulse response. Pre-ringing just before the point of failure, the runaway condition, the underdamped output ringing, hot and cold, hot and cold, after I (ahem, H(s)) was removed from the loop, gradually settling to zero.

Ha, I don’t know why I’m thinking distractedly about controls theory right now. Or dating. Or both of these at the same time. I must be a nerd or something.

Anyway, I’m thinking that I need to date a girl that writes about her daily life in an online diary/journal/blog thingy, especially if she doesn’t know that I know about it. As y’all may be well aware, I am a fullblooded geek-out artist, which can lead you to form some accurate conclusions about my girl-reading skills. With a public-secret journal though, if I’m somehow fucking up big time, I will actually know about it…some girls (not to generalize) have this tendency of, you know, not actually letting you know stuff like that (or at least not until it’s too late…)

Oh yeah… In googling for the above link, I found out that closed-loop also means something entirely different (and needless to say, having nothing to do with linear control systems). And kinda wish I hadn’t.

QOTD: “Jared? Come down to ELAB, I can’t reproduce.” – Me, diagnosing a heisenbug between LabView and some proprietary drivers. (It was several minutes before I realized what I’d just said…)


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