And these points of data make a beautiful line…

(and we’re out of beta, we’re releasing on time… Err… deliverable code freeze will happen monday morning, or wednesday afternoon (due date), or before 50% of the devices are sealed up for delivery with the code already on them, whichever comes before the last bug is found. [Especially if the bugs are discovered in hardware, third-party hardware or attached wetware.]) As of tonight, all outstanding issues that I know of have been resolved and the hardware is performing beautifully… now we just have to build 30 more of them :-p

So, guess who has been and will continue to be semi-insanely busy for the next couple weeks or so?

My schedule for the forseeable future (i.e. as far as I’ve been forced to p-l-a-n):

Monday: Meatz, 7:30pm @ Midwest Grill, for mah birfday.

Tue-Fri.: Playing Metroid Set up a cot in the lab(?), get deliverable shizzle together, start(!) coding the (sender,receiver) sides of a completely secondary gadget our TPOC (not an embedded engineer) added to a very short contract extension at the very end, because “it’s the exact same thing, just operating 1,000x faster, right?” :-p Officially due Wed. as well, but that’s not going to happen, so I’m not going to spend the next two days sweating about it. (The actual delivery date is still up in the air, since we AFAIK haven’t been provided one, nor a destination address. Wed. is just the contract end date, i.e. last day we can book hours to it vs. stuffing engineering hours under “office supplies” or some such nonsense.)

Friday night ~ Wed. the 24th: Demoing my sssexy, self-powering gadget at the RSI conference in Chicago (train stuff, not excessive 2- or 1-handed typing injuries*) (environmental energy harvesting, not over-unity quantum-foam perpetual motion BS :-))

Wed ~ ???: Catching up; putting out whatever fires were started in my absence.

Real entries to come soon(ish)!


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