So, Friday morning I’m doing some prep for our Cape Cod camping trip online, and I notice a Comcast truck parked in front of the neighbor’s house, and the Comcast guy putting a ladder up against the telephone pole. I go to take a leak, and when I get back, the truck is gone, and hmm, the Intarweb (and TV, for that matter) don’t work no more. This kind of screws my plans for researching stuff to do and directions, but I have to leave in an hour and do so. My housemate comes back later that day and discovers the same thing, and spends 45 min. on the phone with Comcast convincing them that the problem is not that our “modem needs to be reset”, and that they actually need to send a guy out to fix something. Monday, we wait around the house for the cable guy, who must come inside to look at the snow on the TV and the blinking “Connect” light on the modem to decide that there is indeed something wrong with the cable, and climb up the telephone pole to check it out. He comes back 30 seconds later.

“Should be good now.” – Cable guy
“Great. What was it?” – me
“Discon Error.” – cable guy

So… they went out to disconnect some neighbor’s cable Friday, and pulled the wrong one. Given a workorder of “Pull wire #3″… “hey, this says pull #3, but I think I’ll pull #6 instead.” Apparently, this is a common enough occurrence that they have an abbreviation for it…

I’m going to helpfully prorate my bill and payment to reflect the 4-day service interruption, and see what they have to say about it. (Come on, FIOS…)

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  1. Rob says:

    You are my hero.
    Comcast does indeed suck, sadly I live one of those craptastic comcast monopoly areas where there is no alternative. Unless you consider 1994 DSL from Qwest a “real” alternative. I really want FIOS, but sadly they told me they wouldn’t be moving into my area until Qwest’s 40 year lease agreement with the city expires.. so sweet here is looking forward to FIOS in 2039.

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