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OK, this has been a busy little while here, and I forgot that here is where I write what I’ve been up to so I don’t forget :-P And now I’ve forgotten. So, this is the last few months of real-life events…

We last left off with Xmas in Massena, with Kr*’s folks (and, from what I am told, her old man developing a huge man-crush because I like grilling, venison and building shit :-P). So, here is…

New Year’s
In Chicagoland with the folks. Much of the fun (the big newyears cabin party) is in the photo album, featuring a whole lot of people-getting-tipsy and Nando-passed-out-and-getting-stuff-stuck-in-his-hair (not by me!), my bro pissed off about being woken up and giving the ol’ batwing (NSFW!), and what happens when you put a big nuclear cooling pond right next to a major* road in subfreezing temperatures.

[The Obligatory Photo Album]

Also, fun facts on Chuck Norris Saturn vehicles, after one of my friends bricked one by leaving a cellphone charger in the cigarette lighter for a few days: 1) Don’t leave cell chargers (or whatever gadget) in the cig lighter overnight; unlike many vehicles who cut power to the cig lighter when off, on a Saturn it will apparently drain your battery. 2) Don’t leave the keys in the ignition when not in use (even if the car is safely locked in your own garage and this is a good place to not lose your keys), because if you ever leave a cellphone charger in the cig lighter overnight, it will brick your car! You see, for some retarded reason they decided to put the battery in the trunk, which can only be opened by a) the electric trunk opening button, or b) the ignition key, which is now permanently stuck in the ignition, because the key release mechanism is an electric solenoid powered by the battery, which is in the trunk…

Skiing at Sugarloaf
Pictures will be posted as soon as someone uploads them ;-) This was a load of fun. 3-day ski trip featuring my first actual lesson, some adventures with trees, a beautiful run all the way from the summit (nearly above tree line), and the discovery that cellphones are not good for breaking falls (as it turns out, falls are good for breaking phones. Repair will be documented separately…).

* major for rural Illinois, which means one lane in either direction, but a speed limit of 55.

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