Demotivational posters

So, while waiting for my boards to come back on Secret Project A and Non-Secret Project B, and for the guy at Company C to get back to me on diagnosing a crash between their Windows DLL and my software that is supposed to interact with it, I was…less than motivated, so I made some motivational posters. (No, not by hand; being the motivated sort that I am I found this autowidget online that handles all the formatting and borders and stuff.) The first two images are my own photographs, and the last two are stolen from the on-line.

PATIENCE: They say it’s a virtue. But being virtuous is not necessarily satisfying.

TEAMWORK: This job would have taken a lifetime. Now it will take two.

CONTRACTING: There is never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it over.

QUALITY: Caveat Emptor is not a business model.

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