What does an OEM shipment of vibrators look like?

Inner pack of vibrators. Bzz!

There you go, an inner pack of 96 electric vibrators. For industrial, scientific and laboratory use of course. The box is just over 1ft by 1ft, but of reasonable heft. It could be worse, a full case is 575 units. It would really suck to be the UPS guy then.

PS. I was home at the time of delivery, so the front door was unlocked. When the UPS guy showed up, he just tried the door and came right inside, dropped the package in the front hallway and left. Maybe that’s normal; I’ve never actually been home to receive a package before.

4 Responses to “What does an OEM shipment of vibrators look like?”

  1. lOl, that’s pretty funny… who orders 575 electric vibrators??!! Obviously the ups guy was confused a little.

  2. Package delivery guys are usually pretty good about trying to protect your packages if they can, so leaving it inside if the door is unlocked doesn’t sound that weird to me, I’ve heard of it happening before. They often leave packages inside my screen door if they’re small enough and when I lived in an apartment, I had to buzz in UPS/Fedex guys several times so they could leave packages for my neighbors.

    However, if he didn’t ring the doorbell or knock first, that does seem a little weird. He must have been in a rush or something.

  3. It’s like an army of vibrators delivered straight to your door, ready to unleash sexuality across the world!

  4. Ben says:

    When the UPS guy arrived with the shipment of vibrators, he just “came right inside”!

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