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Datestamp entry and obligatory ‘snow’ entry (along with half of livejournal) :-P This Tues. morning was our first unambiguous snowfall for the year.

But while I’m here: HAL’s big-screen LCDTV came in the mail today. By “came in the mail” I mean we trucked our asses through the Nostril Bridge (I guess it only looks sinister and nostril-y at night) and down to the UPS plant where we picked it up, because UPS doesn’t believe in the concept of people being at work (not home) during the daytime, but the screen is pretty damn sweet. With packaging it turned out to be the exact optimal size; the absolute largest that could conceivably fit in my car (another half inch and it wouldn’t have made it!). For other house stuff, I got around to connecting up the basement sink*, replaced the front door can-spring after last week’s strong winds decided our storm door was a pull toy, found the wobbly toilet’s bolts are plenty snug on the toilet side (meaning the loose end is what the toilet connects to, i.e. the bathroom floor, which is never good), and got an estimate from the hardwood refinishing guys who should be going to town soon. Apparently the Big Machine they use for sanding draws so much power that their common powering method is to unscrew the front panel of the breaker box, remove one or more of the large breakers and jack directly in! HAL mounted a formidable (but compact) dual-LNB “IndirecTV” dish (arr, matey) to the back porch and pointed it in the direction of the ballfield, a patch of sky where I’m told French Canadian porn Red Green lives.

Last week, dug up the sweet potatoes. I’m surprised we got so many; not just have to figure out what to do with them. Kr* passed on some recipes, but they involve baking and exotic baking ingredients, such as “flour”. :-P Incidentally, potatoes make a great tool for removing old rotted light bulbs after the glass breaks off and leaves the base in the fixture**.

* Secret to success using an army of Home Depot-grade size couplers and gender benders: plenty of thread tape and a VERY BIG WRENCH.

** provided you remembered to turn the power off first; otherwise it becomes a great way to test the tensile strength of your underpants.


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