A stitch in the time domain saves nine

So, there I was contemplating the easiest way to decode (as a non-keyer) the single-frequency pattern, reminiscent of Morse Code, hiding from time to time in the background noise of the Evanescence song My Immortal. (Yeah yeah, formally admitting that I listen to that stuff.) As an afterthought while thinking of the changes I’d need to make to my already-existing Matlab Fourier Slicer (R)(tm)(c) for semi-automated decoding, I Googled to see if maybe some equally obsessive sap had already done the work for me. Aww, le disappoint.

When/if the GAS tank* refills, I might apply the slicer to looking for patterns in the noise of some industrial stuff. (Although in all reality, this easily exceeds the tank’s maximum capacity.)

* the notional tank that buffers my Give-A-Shit reserve for a rainy day.


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