The morning-after-vacation pill

And back home am I. The actual trip (complete with thousands of pictures of rocks :P) will be documented soonish.

As previously mentioned during tonight’s game of telephone pictionary* at LE and crew’s house, I accomplished the following at work today:

I wrote one line of code.

And it was a #DEFINE. (Followed by a ; FIXME: WRITEME: make this actually do something in the code)

Surrounding this stunning achievement, I dequeued the vast mountain of emails, voice mails and Action Items that had piled up in my absence, put out some fires, grovelled through the notes for a meeting I wasn’t at, full of itty bitty little new specs from the new commercial partner we were meeting with, which would necessitate a pretty substantial redesign (and maintaining two separate versions thereafter) to answer some questions and prepare an accurate power-consumption estimate for this design that doesn’t exist yet (in preparation for a pop teleconference tomorrow morning), pinged several vendors whose lack of punctuality (or, lack of returning our calls) is causing stalls in various projects, and doing viewgraphs and an Excel sheet for tomorrow’s monthly project review (the project has only two engineers on it, and one of them is me, so in the days before Monthly Project Reviews, this would have been accomplished with a 2-line email). All right, I did get one piece of actual, non-throwaway work done – threw together a quick ‘n dirty test jig for load-testing a particular type of rechargeable battery at extremely low temperatures in the environment chamber.

Anyway, I was a little spent after today, ending up all quiet and preoccupied with nothing in particular (the noise of blotting mental silence following the destructive collision of too many ideas and too much state for the ol’ brain buffer to accommodate). Methinks there needs to be a morning-after pill for vacations, softening the blow that follows a long week of relaxation (aka putting things off).

* Picture that didn’t happen: Brilliantly backlit cloud, with a deep booming voice emanating forth:

(void *)u = new Universe(&heavens, &earth); //TODO: Fix lighting


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