Annnd, we have internet!

And JR put up a wiki page for all that stuff that needs to be done at the place in the near term. People can make their own additions if they sign up an account (it looks like it will work even without giving up a valid email address, but you can trust her not to sell it to spammers ;)

Ok…I’ve done pretty much nothing but work this week (10-4 week), but (between GJM’s surprise coming and going) tomorrow I anticipate have a contiguous block of freetime long enough to get something done in. First order of business, steam out the upstairs hallway carpet (not visibly filthy, but shag carpet with serious dust-accumulation issues). It’ll eventually be ripped out, but that’s a bit ambitious for now while all our crap’s still standing in the kitchen waiting to go somewhere. Maybe once we’ve settled in somewhat… BTW, our carpet man was a miracle worker. All these stains and year-old cruft-accumulating pop spills scattered like magic under the glare of the steam** vac system. Next step will be to rip out the ugly old carpet in the two large bedrooms, and refinish the hardwood underneath.

JR brought over plants, and planted them in the garden patch HAL and I weeded out the other day – some squash, tomatoes, peppers and beans. We quickly ran out of garden, so there are still some sitting around waiting for a new spot to be dug. LE and crew were over and we BBQ’ed…my first attempt ever at gas grilling (I still prefer charcoal).

Serendipitously, I was asked to come over for a few minutes to test the range of a coworker’s wireless doorbell, and while trying to find his house scored a Mac FruitGumdrop* keyboard and optical USB mouse on the curb. I like the keyboard (it’s smaller than the standard 104-key PC variety, without eliminating *too* many of the important buttons), but soon realized there is no way to type Ctrl-Alt-Delete on one (as fundamental to using Windoze as breathing oxygen).

* I don’t remember the formal Mac-name for this system, but I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about. The computer itself was also on the curb looking like it would be fun to play with for a day and snatch the drive out of, but I didn’t want to get stuck with the $25 recycling fee to (re-)dump computers/CRTs in Medford.

**”steam” cleaners don’t actually use steam, the more correct (but less common) term is “hot water extraction”.


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