I’ve been in a pissy mood for a while. I guess it just kind of happens from time to time, for reasons not entirely known. It’s that state of bored and aimless, non-productive, irritable and wanting to stay in bed avoiding people. Probably more of a random-emotional-state thing, but here are some specific things that pissed me off lately:

Getting out of the shower, toweling off and discovering that StinkDude has decided to use MY GODDAMN TOWEL to wipe off all the Brillo dust after shaving his head, and now I look like a Chia pet. Gawd, I hope that was only head hair. Had to shower all over again, and pull an old towel out of my dirty laundry pile.

Finding that one or more housemates (quite possibly the same) has been using my toiletries, including, but not limited to, toothpaste, Axe spray deodorant, and my electric shaver. Again, hopefully on head-hair only.

General state of not getting jack shit worth of actual Work done at work (you know, on the projects I actually manage and such) because every 5 minutes, someone is coming in to ask stupid computer questions or have me put out some fire or another. Right now it’s another proposal round anyway, so nobody’s getting jack shit done, and I don’t have any hours on proposal-writing, other-peoples’-proposals proofreading, spare router fixing, production router fixing, computer fixing, project server reinstalling, intern babysitting, Senior Engineer babysitting, mechie intern babysitting, parts ordering, Project Review viewgraph making, stupid customer question answering, Commercialization Strategy bullshitting, strategic partner meeting, NDA signing, purchase order raising, or other-peoples’-experiments jerry rigging.

My web host sent out an email yesterday morning saying my account (and thousands of other customers just like it) was hacked thanks to a security flaw in their web panel. I guess I should be glad that they actually admitted it, rather than quietly reload everything from last week’s backup tapes and claim a disk crashed or something. Still, that meant being up til 4am yesterday changing passwords, cleaning out all the spam and exploit links the h4x0r inserted into my files, and performing a complete audit of the account to make sure all of them were gotten. In the course of investigating the breach, I found the h4x0r’s site containing a 4MB zipfile of credit card numbers and keylogger results triggered by certain banking sites I’d never heard of, e.g. moneybookers.com (only found this out after downloading and opening it). Not sure what to do with this, since it was on a Russian site (I don’t speak Russian) and their enforcement against this sort of activity seems to be rather…lax. Need sleep…

One of my best buddies in Boston is pulling up stakes and leaving town, moving to Texas at the end of the month.

One of my housemates is leaving at the end of June, too…since the leases aren’t up until August, he has to find a replacement. Tonight my landlord calls up pissing and moaning, saying that a prospective tenant was in today, but apparently disappeared after making some comments about the place’s cleanliness. Now, we ain’t running a hospital or anything here, but the place is in pretty decent shape – certainly cleaner than when I moved in, and we’re making specific efforts to keep the common areas tidy. Anyway, here he calls trying to get me to authorize bringing a maid service in, and splitting the cost among us. Yeah, of course I can authorize something like that without talking first (I was on the road, on the way to dinner plans) to any of the other people living here that would be footing this bill. Nevermind that if I’m going to have someone moving in with me, I might actually like to meet this person first, unlike the last two new members here (a random Tufts stoner and StinkDude). I get the feeling that putting on a false air of immaculacy to get neatniks in here is just going to cause trouble down the road; besides the correlation I’ve tended to notice between neatnikicity and other forms of neurosis, our existing crew is probably not that compatible with neatniks. Might as well bring in a couple militant vegans while you’re at it (hide the two grills sitting out back for a day). I don’t even want to think about the fur that’s going to fly when said neatnik finds StinkDude borrowing his toothbrush (ok, slightly exaggerating…I sincerely hope…).


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