A peek inside the Trancevibe “factory”

…mostly in photo album form. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image with description…

Trance Vibe Assembly pics

Not pictured: us Fluxing-off our actual panels, or screwing the depaneled boards into the finished product, or QA testing (with a pluggable test jig and motor…get yer minds out of the gutter). It turns out these vibe motors vary in strength somewhat from one to the next… any that scores particularly weak on the vibe-o-meter gets binned (only a couple so far). Luckily, a 2-bullet unit is only a couple bucks more than a single-bullet unit when procuring the raw materials, so there are some extras to substitute as necessary.

(And no, I had no idea that (electrically and mechanically identical) vibrators came packaged as separate gay and straight versions.)

(And I definitely had no idea that stripping USB cables took so stinkin’ long :-P )


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