Nope, not dead

Just busy. And doing a bunch of hanging out. Anyway, mini-update with purty pictures…*

Lastlast saturday, Brazilian BBQ w/ Jane and Scott, and some wandering around by the big courthouse-building-with-a-jail-on-top. Mmmmm… protein craving satiated…and um…re-awakened. The jailbirds were all being quiet. Found the World’s Lamest Playground, consisting of metal steps, a (non-mobile, non-bouncy) metal bridge, and more metal steps. And a firepole terminating in densely-packed sand. I slid down it anyway, and wet my pants (rain, not excitement).

Signage I found contradictory/amusing (then again, I have an occasionally morbid sense of humor)

More signage. This one leans to the right and makes its religious affiliations known.

Jane licking… Hey, that’s not a Jesus!

Poking around with libusb-win32. I think my hardware doesn’t like the latest build.

“Too fat, can’t compute!”

Running the Boston Corporate Challenge with some of the work crew (yikes, I did something with “corporate” in the name. I think that makes me some form of whore). I run once a year to remind myself how much I don’t like running ;-) Mostly, I think our company just does it as an excuse to nip down to the Cambridge Brewing Company afterward and “re-hydrate” with der uber-towers.

It’s local micro-beer, and it comes in a tall thing. The only way to improve on this is to add blinking LEDs.

Woke up all stiff the next morning, went out most of Friday celebrating GG’s birthday. Not much to report there (fooding and pubbing**, and an interminable political discussion between two of ’em that could theoretically have come to blows if allowed to continue), but an peek into the inner lifestyle of a Girly Girl:

(A beer slips out of girl’s hand, lands exactly vertical, causing perfect 8-ft beer geyser, then tips over and begins glugging beer directly into the open top of her heeled shoes. Girl curses a bit, goes to ladies room to clean up, returns with a completely different pair of shoes.)

Me (being perfectly observant gentleman ;-) : “Whoa, your shoes changed. Where did those come from?”
Girl: “Yeah. That pair was old anyway, so I threw them in the garbage. These are from my purse.”
Me: “So wait, um… you carry a pair of backup shoes around with you at all times?”
Girl: “Yeah.”

Saturday: Still sore in the legs, so what do I do? Go out to a club and (attempt to) dance all night, while wearing heavy chains! Yes, at the club conveniently located next to the dildo store…although no dildoes purchased this time around.

* Heh, this feels suspiciously like a CVS commit. “The following has been done since last checkin…blahblah…TODO: More stuff.”

** Wow, I’m probably starting to sound like an alkie.


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