Gr8…VZW ncuragz txt spk w/ msg xl8r

One of the guys at work wrote a LABVIEW module that will send someone a phone text message (via T-Mobile’s email-to-SMS gateway) if anything unusual happens with an unattended test rig in the lab before shutting down the test. That’s pretty cool (especially once I get together a list of valid SMS addresses and a heapin’ pot o’ h3rbal v1@gra… j/k folks). I got curious and checked whether Verizon offered a similar gateway, and they do.

4 ppl hu wnt 2 ryt n ntyr nvl in 160 chrs, with the added benefit of looking like a really poor-quality encryption scheme, Verizon offers a ‘textspeak’ translator with its email-to-SMS gateway.

Type some text and click on the “Spk n’ TXT” link, and an algorithm compresses (if that’s the right term) your message into txt junkie speak.


PS. Based on my admittedly brief testing, this thing actually performs very few substitutions on the average text, and thus does not significantly reduce the length of the message. You’re still best doing it by hand…


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