A friend (who, ahem, should be studying now! ;-) sent this the other night: The Autism Quotient test. (A real test by actual researchers, not that OKCupid crap.) If you take it, post your results here – I’m kind of curious what everyone else got; e.g. what’s the spread, whether the test seems skewed one way or the other (or maybe my friend base is skewed ;-), etc. I’ll reveal my own in a few days, so as not to affect anyone’s else results.

QOTDs (a couple days ago) :

[23:54] ******: i wouldnt run for president if i wanted the job
[23:54] ******: id invade and become president

(during a discussion about basements flooding and raw sewage geysers from lower-level toilets/drains) “…we had a good three inches down there, probably just enough to go fishing! Luckily no brown trout though!” -FfS


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  1. Seth says:

    I got a 33. I’m thinking it’s skewed. The media have to have something to terrify you. Maybe you have autism, or maybe you’re just an introvert.

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