It was sad, it was sweet, and I knew it complete, when I wore a younger man’s clothes

Ya… it’s cold out and I don’t really wanna go outside all that much, so what am I doing? I’m re-learning VHDL* of course! Think of it as a programming language, except one where as soon as the clock starts every line executes at once, in parallel, and continues executing continuously. Or every block, etc., if you actually want something to follow some kind of a sequence. You can ‘write’ CPUs in it (many do), and actually build them. I’m not writing a CPU, just a fast memory controller / display driver at first. Kind of following my habit of having a million parallel projects all going at once, to eventually suddenly come together into one beautiful thing that will revolutionize the world. Or maybe not, but it will not only tell me if someone’s dicking around with my car, but download new mp3s to my (also in progress, but working) in-dash player every night. And let me post messages to the fridge from anywhere, and warn if the boiler’s on the blink again…

* Verbose Hardware Dork Language…(I kid, I kid)


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