Can you actually die from laughter?

The crisis has begun. The headlines are shocking, alarming. The Internet is under attack by dangerous, wicked abusers. These cyber-criminals must be caught, stopped and punished.


There’s a Public Service Announcement.

I especially loved this one.

Oh Noes! they live in basements?

I have a basement!!!

*runs downstairs with a pointy stick*

(Thanks BillW from the camerahackingstopping now forum for passing this around.)


3 Responses to “Can you actually die from laughter?”

  1. ZANNIE says:

    i want to die laughing.

    This writer of comedies became so engulfed in laughter over a jest he had made that he died laughing

    It is believed that the Greek philosopher Calchas died of laughter when the day that was to be his death day arrived and the prediction didn’t seem to materialize.

    In the third century B.C. the Greek philosopher Chrysippus died of laughter after giving his donkey wine, then seeing it attempt to feed on figs.

    t is said that Zeuxis was laughing at a painting of an old woman that he had just completed when his breathing failed and he choked to death

    Bentzen began laughing so hard that his heartbeat accelerated to a rate of between 250 and 500 beats a minute and he was seized by a heart attack and died

    Aretino was laughing at a bawdy story being told to him by his sister when he fell backwards in his chair and died of apoplexy.


  2. lauren says:

    fiona died of laughing when she saw mr wittys booger

  3. Jessica says:

    I think that you can die from laughter because it is dangerous if someone doesn’t stop because if you laugh to hard you can’t breathe !!!!!!!!!!

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