Admin: “Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.”

(…lengthy post about cleaning up and rejuvenating a long-neglected Internet security message board…)

User: So now it will be a “gentlemen’s club” [questionmark] [questionmark] That is a big disappointment. [sad]

Admin: Er…what?

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him…” …it’s the famous introduction to an old TV show, the Six Million Dollar Man. Heh, I guess I’m dating myself with that.

At any rate, is certainly not going to install a dancing pole and $25 cover charge [wink]

User: I suppose I should be ever so greatful for that…..what I was looking for was some way you might consider including women.

Maybe jumping right out of the 70s and into 2005, and consider women might have something to offer other than ‘dancing’ skills. [suspicious]

Admin: Whoa…I think there has been a bit of a misunderstanding here. There is NO intention of excluding women, or anyone else, from the forums. They are open to everyone. (except spam bots of course)

Again, the post title is just an offhand quote from an old TV show; I did not intend for anyone to read some kind of significance into it. [redface] I’d hate to think if I had titled the post “Spring Cleaning” instead, it would be restricted to Martians or something (it’s got to be spring somewhere in the universe right now)

PS. for those wondering where I disappeared to: I am still patching things on the backend (phpBB’s builtin mod/admin tools are pretty sad), but ran into a snag with the mass-delete patch over the weekend. I will try to be home tonight and fix it…work and life are getting a little hectic lately though.



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