Playlist Oracle memememememe

Instructions: Set music player to shuffle. Ask the following questions, and hit ‘next song’. The title of the song will be the answer to your question.

Question: What do you think of me, playlist?
Answer: Stabbing Westward- Save Yourself

Question: Will I have a happy life?
Answer: Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction – Elvis Died For You

…I guess that means yes? I never particularly cared for Elvis, anyway.

Question: What do my friends really think of me?
Answer: The Police – Russians

…I’m a commie bastard, beautiful. Thanks, friends.

Question: Do people secretly lust after me?
Answer: Dio with Yngwie Malmsteen – Dream On

…gee, thanks.

Question: What should I do with my life?
Answer: Members Of Mayday – Datapop

…I should spend more time on the computer?

Question: Why must life be so full of pain?
Answer: Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover

…if everyone else I knew jumped off of them, I guess I would too. And it would hurt like hell.

Question: How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
Answer: Heart – Alone

…OK…that’s not even funny.

Question: Will I ever have children?
Answer: The Who – Pinball Wizard

…hmm, deaf dumb and blind ones, that sure play a mean pinball?…

Question: Will I die happy?
Answer: Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin (Technopop remix)

…err, doesn’t really answer the question…(but trying to hint about where I’m going afterwards?)

Question: Can you give me some advice?
Answer: Belinda Carlisle – Circle in the Sand

…I should spend more (than zero) time at the beach. Or maybe talk to Sir Huzzah about that whole circle of protection thing…

Question: What do you think happiness is?
Answer: Ace of Base – Beautiful Life

…At least it didn’t say happiness is…being happy.

Question: What’s my favorite fetish?
Answer: Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son

…Hey, that only happened once! And what happens at boy scout camp stays at boy scout camp! ;-)

“…and T* has never baked before.” – my mom, re(e)ferring to baking cookies…if only they knew…


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