Addendum to previous entry (more like a kick in the piel..)

I’m “with wheels” for two whole days and already having to do the Please Don’t Tow Me Shuffle. I just returned from leaving my car at work because tomorrow my area (or all of Medford?) is having a pop street sweeping; the notices appeared, as far as I know, sometime today. I first saw them when I left my house today to take the TrashAmp to my lab at work and filch parts finally fix it up. Because everyone goes to the electronics lab on sunday afternoons, right? Good, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have seen the surprise notices because the next time I left the house today was after dark (which is no later than about 5pm these days)…I would have been spending tomorrow calling up the big three impound lots Medford racketeers has agreements with to find out which one had my car.

There’s no reason in hell why the city should feel that <= 24h notice is sufficient, given that you're "allowed" to park in one spot (where not metered, restricted, permit...) for 48h consecutively. Theoretically one should be able to actually leave said car unattended for that entire length of time, rather than have to poll the street at the 24th hour to check for impending doom. America has really been lax on the whole revolting thing lately, but when it does happen, it won't be touched off by abortion or stem cells or questionable elections. I think it'll be the petty bullshit like this that will serve as the catalyst.


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  1. Seth Kramer says:

    Hear! Hear! and a hearty amen to that.

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