Spinlock in a DJ booth

For the most part, I don’t mind people playing the radio* in my office, it breaks the silence that could otherwise get kind of annoying. It’s a sort of “war room” layout, myself and two mechies in a big room bouncing ideas off each other**.

But if I have to hear about this

Hot Chick in a Tollbooth

contest one more time***, there going to be a huge inverted fist in the first thing I see within one arm’s length of my desk. (Or maybe just turn off the radio or something.)

* on some days, and on other days my officemates get to be annoyed by my Nomad and 20GBytes’ worth of techno/industrial/classical/metal on random. So I can’t bitch too much.

** my desk is in the far corner, in front of the windows and facing the door. I can see everyone, including intruders on the way to wasting my time, and no one can see my screen. This is intentional.

*** This jingle is proof positive that jingles on (magnetic tape) carts have gone the way of the dodo. The tape wears through after so many million cycles.


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