Ah…project pimp-out-my-car-until-some-idiot-will-buy-it continues :-) Late last night, about a vanload of construction site dumpster wood and you know, since the dumpsters were probably too full to put anymore scrap in, the much-nicer wood leaned up against the dumpsters became aware of its true calling, which is to provide Phat Window-Rattling Bass Action powerful, precision sound to my rolling death trap powerful, precision automobile in the form of an shoddily expertly constructed subwoofer box. Why am I writing about this? Because nabbing free wood is fun, building all kinds of stuff (not just ghetto-blasting equipment…my east-coast bachelor pad will need a workbench, dammit!) from it is funner, and pissing off the rich people living near these pathetic mansion-factories It’s RACCOONS! Big, noisy raccoons with a VAN!…well, that just never stops being fun :-)


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