Sushi party at J.R.’s place. Nobody else showed up, so more fish for me! (woot) But before that, saw her awesome lab, learned (part of) how to do a Southern blot, /* Crayola flourescent crayon exposes photographic film … so do porcelain teeth */ and left obscene magnetic poetry on someone’s fridge. (|alcohol|then|sex|with|the|experiment|…)

Through Sat/Sun we watched probably half of the entire Firefly series back to back. I ended up extremely caffeinated Sun. evening drop large amount of black tea leaves directly into boiling water, boil for 10 min. or until tea achieves black and syrupy consistency, make good-faith effort to strain out leafy matter when pouring off into large cup, and later trying/failing to temper this state by adding alcoholic watermelon to the mix (watermelon + Midori + Triple Sec + vodka…?). It felt kind of wierd. I curled up in the corner and kind of let my mind run away with itself.

Not latch-up, more like swimming. It’s kind of annoying to have your brain running all the time, not able to be turned off… but here it was especially noticeable. It was the realization that in Star Trek: TNG, the starship Enterprise is occasionally shown from the front travelling at warp (greater than the speed of light) speeds. Why are the stars behind it still plainly visible? And an excruciatingly detailed rendering of the gravity drive of the SNAFU (_branch KMQADNS _branch missninfan _branch DarkPanda), the barely-spaceworthy vessel that was part of my contribution to an interactive story I got involved in waaay long ago when the intarweb was new. The realization that I in general tend not to address anyone by name, but one friend in particular, for reasons I won’t get into here. And about a million other obscure memories and bizarre associations.


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