Who do these guys think they are? My reply:

To whom would I be billing this time?

> Dear Tim *******:

Exhibit Surveys, Inc., an independent research firm, has been commissioned by the show organizer to certify the number of attendees to NEPCON/Assembly East 2005. Your response is extremely important for the accuracy of this project.

Our records indicate that you registered for NEPCON/Assembly East 2005 which was held May 4- 5, 2005 in Boston. Please confirm whether or not you attended and verify your registration demographics. If any information is incorrect or missing, please select the appropriate response.


If your email does not support this hyperlink feature, please copy the above URL and paste it into your Internet browser.

Thank you in advance for your time.

(The link points to a longass survey, easily 10 pages long…I’m not sure exactly how long, because it, most likely intentionally, doesn’t say.)


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