Wow, this thing’s pretty good.

But what’s this transhumanism stuff about? (Meh, I won’t build myself any cyborgans for at least a couple years.

(Dangermouse? Maybe it means terrormouse.)

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. transhumanism score: 5
2. free software score: 5
3. ieee score: 4
4. algorithms score: 4
5. fpga score: 4
6. game theory score: 4
7. genetic algorithms score: 4
8. asic score: 3
9. 6502 score: 3
10. systems score: 3
11. assembly score: 3
12. dangermouse score: 3
13. embedded systems score: 3
14. matlab score: 3
15. probability score: 3
16. 68000 score: 3
17. reality hacking score: 3
18. memetics score: 3
19. functional programming score: 3
20. haskell score: 3

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Hmm… memes like this tickle at another little interest of mine, data mining. I know, those words tend to get a (well-deserved) bad rap from their typical applications, such as marketers homing in on the negative correlation between your frozen pizza vs. condom purchases for a fast buck. The distilling, the seeking of obscure patterns in a disorganized haystack of unstructured data. If only I had the time to play around with that kind of stuff… I’m thinking of applications right now in IT security and virus/worm/malware discovery without the level of human involvement currently involved. (Sort of like how M$ dubiously tied BitTorrent to Aurora/Nail just recently, except less dubious.) Someday…


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