VNV in Boston

These guys kick ass, what more needs to be said?

All right, quotes from the last couple days…yaya, I’m a week late writing this anyway…

“How about, we’ll find someplace shady and stop there, and you can put on sunscreen.” – me
*laughter* – No*
“I meant, a place not in direct sunlight…” – me

“If they want someplace warm and wet to stick it, they can get a piece
of steak…. and microwave it.” -JR

“…and we’re moist in places we shouldn’t be…without stimulus…” –
Ronan (VNV), commenting on the heat in the venue

“…but that’s what makes us all unique, right?”
*crowd cheering*
“So that’s why you’re all wearing black…”
“..this guy here says, because there’s nothing darker than black. …do we have any physicists in the room?”
*some hands*
“How long until we can have clothes that are made out of a singularity?” ‘…I love it…but I lost my car, my house…half the street just got sucked into me..’

“Nikki and I are expecting a deliverable sometime in December…” -BM
“Congratulations!” -Everyone else
“Only engineers…” -MP


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