Now that’s what I like to see. As reported by BusinessWeek, WSJ and a few other places, the malware vendor Hotbar has been sued by Symantec, apparently in response to receiving a nastygram from Hotbar’s lawyers demanding Symantec stop detecting their malware as… well, malware. Unfortunately this is a common theme in malware research (rather than crapware vendors actually make their software less evil, just threaten or sue everyone who reports on it), but they’re usually smart enough to just go after the little guys. Doh!

Symantec is not seeking monetary damages (shame on them ;-) , but is seeking a declaratory judgment asserting their right to detect, list and remove Hotbar’s software.

QOTD: There’s something happening in my pants…I’ll be right back… -Scott, finding his pants had been ambushed by Ethiopian food


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